Below is a list of 6 things to check before the winter storms strike

1) Check your heating system:

Now is a good time to replace your heating systems filter.  A new filter will prevent dust particles from contaminating the air causing breathing issues among other health conditions.  Every several years it is worth having an HVAC Tech to come out and inspect your system.

2) Reverse your ceiling fans:

If your ceiling fans have this option, reverse your ceiling fans so that they create an updraft.  Heat rises so by creating this updraft of colder air, it will force the warmer air downwards.  This is especially important if you have high ceilings.

3) Clean your dryer vent:

Cleaning your dryer vent every year is very important to prevent dryer fires.  The static electricity build up is even greater this time of year and the chances are high for a static dryer fire.  Clean out all that lint build up inside, around and in the vent hosing that leads to the outside (a do it yourself blog on how to do this will follow this post).

4) Clean your gutters:

Before the raining season arrives, it is important to clean your gutters.  Leaves building up will clog your downspouts and overflow your gutters causing water damage around your house and even mold issues.  This is a cheap chore to take care of and will prevent major expenses down the road if left unchecked.

5) Divert Water and check Sump Pump:

Divert water from your house with downspout extenders found at any local hardware store.  If your house’s crawl space floods during the winter, it is a good idea to have a sump pump installed at the lowest point.  If you already have a sump pump, make sure to test it to be sure it is still functioning properly.

6) Call a Chimney Sweep:

Clean your chimney to prevent chimney fires and excess Carbon Monoxide build up.  Both can kill you so this is a very important one.


If the checklist above is overwhelming to you and you rather pay for someone to come out and do the maintenance for you, email me and I will send you the best service providers in the area for the job.

All my best,

Steven Cozza